Davis Stepping Stones

Davis Stepping Stones is the beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach  Program.  It has been developed to assist you in helping your child/student to develop the foundational life lessons needed to complete essential early childhood development stages.

This ground-breaking workshop is ideal for parents, teachers, teacher aides and support people of: 
  • Autistic individuals under the age of 8 
  • Autistic individuals with very limited – or no – language 
  • Autistic individuals who have been using the NOIT and have begun to develop a sense of self 

Davis Stepping Stones, the beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach is a holistic program, developed to assist you in helping your child/student who are on the autistic spectrum and /or are struggling to meet early childhood development milestones.

The Davis Stepping Stones workshop teaches you how to help your child reduce meltdowns, meet childhood milestones, and make sense of the world - all without losing their beautiful uniqueness. 

This two-day workshop gives participants all of the training and materials you need to take your child/student through the Davis Stepping Stones program, including:

  • A set of simple, effective self-management strategies, that enable you to manage stress, and control personal energy levels.
  • How to achieve Individuation – helping the child to develop accurate perception and an awareness of self.
  • Gaining practical experience in using clay to explicitly teach the concepts of self, another, others, change, consequence, cause/effect, before/after.
  • Developing a knowledge base of how to integrate these concepts into the child’s daily life. Creating a support network.

Upcoming Workshops

We have not yet scheduled a workshop in South Africa, but we hope to offer this workshop for the first time in South Africa the course of 2019. In the meantime, you may wish to find a workshop abroad or on-line.

Stepping Stones abroad/online