Formal diagnosis

The Professional Davis training does not license facilitators to give formal diagnosis, as you do not need this in order to receive a Davis correction programme. Should you wish for a formal diagnosis, you can click here to find professionals who are qualified to provide you with an educational assessment. These would be educational psychologists, psychometrists, and possibly occupational therapists.

Do you want a formal assessment?

If you DO want an assessment which will help you to get more support for you - or your child - in school or university, the Davis assessment will NOT do the job. Over the years we have dealt with a number of practices who offer ed-psych assessments, and we feel you should look for the following qualities in an educational psychologist:

  • Someone who has equal awareness of the strengths and the struggles that accompany learning difficulties.
  • Someone who makes sure the actual assessment experience is a supportive and pleasant experience - possibly even encouraging and inspiring.

Want a formal diagnosis?

You can search the internet or click below to find out more:


Visit a web-directory