“The results of the programme were dramatic. Within one week, my son went from reading like a 5-year-old to reading Roald Dahl. I found out about the programme from someone with two sons, both of whom had undertaken a Davis Programme with ‘life changing effect’. He wouldn’t have believed possible the extent and speed of the changes in his sons if he had not seen them with his own eyes.” From a mother of an 8-year old in London.


  • Hi Sher,

    Here is a link to a recording of the free online Gift of Dyslexia presentation covering the award-winning Davis approach. We encourage you to share this with anyone you think might be interested or might benefit from it.

    We have now decided to offer this one-time discounted trial of the Gift of Dyslexia workshop for home-educators online.

    Participants will attend with their child for three hours weekly over a period of ten weeks, starting on January 18th, 2024. You will learn how to teach your child to focus their attention, manage their energy levels, and put themselves in a relaxed state of mind, ideal for learning. You then spend considerable time ensuring that your child has fully mastered all the fundamental elements of reading: the letters of the alphabet, and key punctuation marks. We then show you how to use that mastery to ensure effortless and fluent reading and full comprehension, through a simple three-stage reading technique. Finally, we show you a fun and creative way to address the trickiest words in the English language: the 217 high frequency sight-words, which make up half of what we read, irrespective of the reading material.

    You can sign up now to the discounted online course by clicking here: https://www.davislearningfoundation.org.uk/event-details/the-gift-of-dyslexia-workshop-online-8

    2 Learn to Read is a pilot project, currently only available in English to families living in the UK, Africa, Ireland, India, and Eastern Europe. https://2learntoread.org

    Alongside the Gift of Dyslexia workshop, we now can offer you access to another online reading project based on the same award winning Davis approach, as long as you live within the designated territory. For a limited time you can gain free access to the 2 Learn to Read online reading course for young learners. This course is aimed at parents of children aged 5-7, who wish to ensure from the start that their child learns to read effortlessly and fluently with full comprehension. The content aligns perfectly with the Gift of Dyslexia workshop, and we feel confident this will enhance your success in the workshop further.

    You can view a quick video about 2 Learn to Read by clicking here: https://youtu.be/f-85qIlStJ0

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