Rahma Amer Mbarak

Rahma Amer Mbarak


Phone: +255 757411958
Website: www.rahmaamer.org
Spoken Languages: English, Swahili

Record #36127 • Licensed from July 26, 2019




Magurue Mbezi Beach,
Tanzania, 255

My story

‘When someone masters something, it becomes a part of that person. It becomes part of the individuals’s thought and creative process. It adds the quality of its essence to all subsequent thought and creativity of the individual.’
- Ronald.D.Davis

I’ve pulled myself out from becoming a teacher to a dyslexia facilitator after reading the book ‘Gift Of Dyslexia’ by Ronald.D.Davis. Having taught for 6 years, I have experience with children, but with all the unique individuals I hadn’t learned how to go about them. Until I understood the Davis method, which has changed my thoughts entirely.

Dyslexia is often misunderstood, we quickly and easily just focus on the problem, not excepting that we are all different and understanding the gift of being a dyslexic and how it can create a huge positive impact. Being the first Davis dyslexia facilitator in Tanzania, I’m looking forward to correcting and spreading the awareness of the gifts the dyslexics have.