Rene Christiane


Phone: +27 82 4552 112
Spoken Languages: English, Afrikaans

Record #35578 • Licensed from 08/29/2016


13 Swarthaak Street
Randpark Ridge
Gauteng 2169
South Africa

Testimonial for Rene

I am a mom who has experienced the emotional and worrying situation of having a child, with so much to offer and the perseverance she had to keep trying at school and still losing the battle of keeping up with the curriculum, as a result crumbling her spirits and breaking her soul. My daughter age of 7 started becoming withdrawn in her class at school, as she was not coping and keeping up with the work that was given to her, falling more and more behind.

Truly a heart breaking experience when as a parent you feel hopeless and try to lift your little one’s spirit to no avail. Various recommendations were offered to us and the one that stood out, with no drug intervention, was the Davis Dyslexia program.

I cannot express the turn-around of our daughter within the period of 6 months since she started this program. It’s a life giving chance to help those who have a different style of learning and the capability to excel, to pick up the pieces and all of a sudden “click” with words, spelling and reading. Now in her second year of primary school, the withdrawn little girl has become the lively and confident young lady we have always known. Her reading has progressed immensely J She brings home school work – mini tests with all round ticks vs. the crosses she received the year before.

This program offers life-long tools throughout all avenues of learning.

The support we have received from Rene has been phenomenal. Truly an individual with a passion for her work and who instils such positivity to not only the children she works with, but to the parents as well.

We have certainly not looked back and only forward to exciting times ahead for our little girl to prosper and succeed.

For those going through the battle never give up hope! There is an answer and light at the end of the tunnel. The process is a journey, which at times you feel there is no progression but through persistence and continual work there is a positive result.

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