The Davis Difference

We view dyslexia as a result of an inherent mental gift or talent.

People who develop dyslexia think in pictures, rather than words; they are imaginative and creative; and they try to solve problems by looking at the whole picture, rather than working step-by-step.

Davis Dyslexia Correction is a strength-based approach that harnesses the mental talents that dyslexic people share to overcome the learning problems. To do this, students must use different strategies than are commonly taught with remedial programs.

Our Approach

Individualized: Davis programs are always given in a one-on-one context, with a highly-trained licensed Davis facilitator working directly with the person receiving the program.

Strength-Based: Davis programs are geared to the inherent learning strengths and abilities of the learner, and provided in a way compatible with the person’s preferred learning style.

Short-Term: The facilitated portion of Davis programs are designed to be completed within a short time, typi-cally over a period of 5-10 days scheduled closely together, with daily sessions of up to 6 hours per day.

Mental Skills Training: All programs include instruction in basic Davis tools for mental and perceptual focus, stress reduction, and self-regulation of energy levels.

Creative Learning Strategies: Each Davis program also includes a set of specific learning techniques target-ed to the areas of difficulty addressed within each program.

Meaning Based: Davis programs rest on mastery of the meanings of words and important life concepts.
Self-Empowering: Davis programs are given to individuals who are willing and self-motivated, and will be able to continue to use the tools and skills learned in the program in their daily lives.

Our Materials

Clay: Every Davis program uses a non-hardening, plasticine clay as the primary media for exploration and learning. Clay is tactile, 3-dimensional, readily available, and requires the creative participation of the learner.

Koosh Balls: We use simple, playful exercises to with tossed Koosh Balls to reinforce Davis mental skills, improve balance and coordination, and strengthen neural connections between brain hemispheres.

Dictionary: For reading and mathematics, we use dictionaries as a primary starting point reference for word meaning.