Offering a drug-free approach, the Davis Attention Mastery Programme enables people with AD(H)D to fully master the concepts needed for successful interaction with other people and with the process of learning. The Davis assessment allows us to find out if you are likely to benefit from our programme, and design a tailor-made programme just for you.

Five days (30 hours) are needed to complete the one-to-one Davis Attention Mastery programme (or 50 hours when including the Literacy programme).

When addressing ADD and AD/HD issues we normally begin by addressing literacy, as there is often an underlying issue with literacy. If there are no problems with literacy, then we generally complete all the literacy work within a day or so, and in that case the AD/HD can be dealt with in about 5 days (30 hours). If there are issues with literacy, then it is likely to take us eight days (50 hours) to deal with both literacy and ADD (or AD/HD). If there are maths problems as well, then we might need to add a day or two, possibly taking the whole programme to nine or ten days.

We have found that certain concepts, which most of us take for granted can be unclear or missing from the mind of an ADD person. These concepts include consequence, time, sequence, and order/disorder. Confusion in these concepts will show up in the behaviour of the ADD person; they may be constantly late due to confusion about time, or constantly in trouble despite putting in huge effort to the contrary, due to confusion about the concept of consequence and the concept of order/disorder. They are likely to be just as puzzled as you are as to why constant reminders and experiences of unplanned and undesired outcomes are not sufficient to shift the behaviour. They may resolve time and time again to change a piece of behaviour, only to find them having "messed up again". Being someone who loves a person like that, we can generally not make sense of the sweet nature and good intentions of the ADD person, coupled with the often destructive behaviour. The good news is that this can be systematically dealt with, step by step. The life skills concepts can be mastered through The Davis symbol mastery, resulting in the person starting to apply these principles in their lives, and being able to identify the behaviour which creates the desired outcome.


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